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Отрывок из книги Сью Таунсенд "The woman who went to bed for a year". Тут, по-моему, замечательно изображена вера в справедливый мир:

"At six o’clock the news came on. Eight- and ten-year-old sisters had been taken from outside their house in Slough by a man in a white van. A woman in Derbyshire had jumped into a swollen river to rescue her dog and drowned, the dog turning up at her house four hours later, unharmed. There had been earthquake in Chile, thousands were trapped in rubble. (…)
Eva said, ‘What a catalogue of human misery. I hope that bloody dog is grateful.’
‘They must have done something wrong.’
‘Do you think that God is punishing them?’
Ruby said defensively, ‘I know you do not believe in God, Eva. But I do, and I think that those people must have offended him in some way.’(…)
Ruby said, wistfully, ‘Do you know, Eva, sometimes I can’t wait to get to heaven. I’m tired of living down here since everything went complicated.’
Eva said, ‘But the woman who drowned, I bet she wasn’t tired of living. I’ll bet when the water closed over her head she fought to live. So, why did your God choose the dog over her?’
‘I don’t know. The woman must have done something to incur his wrath.’
Eva laughed, ‘Wrath?’
Ruby said, ‘Yes, he’s very wrathful, and that’s how I like it. It keeps the riff-raff out of heaven.’
Eva said, ‘Riff-raff like lepers, prostitutes, the poor?’
‘That was Jesus,’ said Ruby. ‘He’s another kettle of fish.’
Eva turned away from her mother and said, ‘And God watched his only son die in agonoy on a cross and did nothing to help him when he shouted, “Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”(…)
Ruby collected her things, put her coat and hat on, wrapped her bright-pink scarf around her neck and said, ‘Jesus must have done something wrong.’"